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Small Business Web Site Design Services

Web Site Design Services

Endless Solutions offers full-service web site design services for small businesses. Whether you have a web site now that needs an overhaul, or you are looking for a web site design company to build your first site, we have the expertise and experience to meet your needs.

We work closely with your company to give your web site a consistent "look and feel" with your current branding. Our designers create "proofs" for you to review, and we work with you until we've found a design you are happy with for your site. If you are still developing your company's "look and feel" and are looking for help in that area, our designers have experience in logo and letterhead design as well as web site design.

Web sites need to be easy for visitors to use as well as meeting your goals for visual and practical design elements. Endless Solutions offers basic usability reviews during the design phase to help your site meet the needs of your users.

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Web Site Programming

Web Site Programming is the back-side, behind-the-scenes work on a web site. Programming can help automate your site and make it easier for visitors to use. Endless Solutions provides quality back-end programming services in addition to our web site design services.

If you are interested in interactive features for your site, this aspect of our services may be useful to you.

Some examples of web site programming are:

  • Interactive forms, including Contact Us, Order Forms, and Customer Support Requests
  • WordPress Blogs with single or multiple contributors
  • Date-sensitive features, such as Specials which offer one price during the Special Offer and another price after that time passes, without requiring an extensive re-coding of the item or site.
  • Interactive Navigation Menus
  • Database-driven content displayed dynamically on the site, such as products that your business sells, with price and item information pulled from the database

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Web Site Seminars for Businesses

Endless Solutions offers local area web site seminars for businesses in Clark County, Washington, and the Portland Metropolitan areas. These seminars are 1.5 hours long and designed to help small business owners and managers better understand the web site design process and your part in it. The seminar is free, and we can even hold the seminar at your location with a prearrangement on your part.

Small businesses find the seminar useful in the planning stages of building a web site, since it helps answer questions involving resources needed and timelines for development.

The seminar covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Specific items to have in hand before calling a web design company
  • Specific questions to ask your web design firm candidates
  • Introduction to the various stages of a web design project
  • Introduction to a variety of features available on your web site
  • Introduction to a variety of benefits you can offer your clients and prospects on your web site
  • Your responsibilities or resources needed in developing your web site
  • Timelines for sample web projects

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Web Site Maintenance, Management and Hosting

Once your web site is completed and ready to go "live", your site needs a home on the Internet and someone to manage it. If you have in-house resources for keeping it up-to-date, then only hosting may be necessary. Endless Solutions has hosting resources available for a small monthly fee for clients. If you need regular management of your site, such as changing content, updating periodic or rotating information, or removing outdated information, we can help you with that as well.

While this may seem to be something you can decide after your web site has been designed, it is far better to make the decision of hosting and maintenance prior to even the preliminary design. There are certain aspects of hosting a web site that will affect how the design is implemented, so this question should be answered early on. Also, the initial designs will be based, in part, on the skill-set of the person doing the maintenance and management. So, again, it is best to know the answer to this question in the early design stages.

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